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HobaCare Jojoba Massage Oil

We use only the finest products available for massage, and we feature HobaCare Jojoba100% organic and pesticide free.

What is Jojoba?

The word 'jojoba' (pronounced "ho ho ba") refers both to the plant and to the extract of its seed. Jojoba is exceptionally unique; it has no plant relatives. Mature jojoba plants (simmondisa chinensis) are woody perennial bushes, native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, northern Mexico and arid California. The female plants produce the seeds from which jojoba extract, a liquid wax ester, is taken. Jojoba seeds contain alpha, delta, and gamma tecopherols (forms of vitamin E).

Jojoba is often referred to as "jojoba oil." This is a misnomer. Pure jojoba is not an oil. This distinction is crucial to understanding jojoba's true character. Oils contain triglycerides (fats), which are fragile and break down. Consequently, oils turn rancid.


Pure essential oils of your choice are added to Jojoba – Lavender, Rosmarin, Geranium, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, etc. Japanese Mint is mostly used in deep tissue and sports massage.

Table Covering

All sheets and towels are 100% cotton.

We only use our own products as listed above; we do not use massage oil.