Testimonials for Massage Rescue

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Actual testimonials from clients of Massage Rescue. You can also read our 5-star testimonials on Yelp.

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2013 Testimonials

It is so therapeutic. It brightens my whole week and I feel I am floating for days. I hope you have no plans to retire anytime soon.

Gerald McK.
June 2013

I wish I would have known you with my first pregnancy. Your massage made my pregnancy
much more enjoyable despite the heat, and I had less anxiety and pain during delivery.

Angie S.
May 2013

Physical Artistry!

April 2013

My knee replacement recovery was just taking too long. I should have seen you right away. Your lymphatic drainage massage worked wonders right away. Thank you for restoring my relationship to my own body, and for reminding me that I am ultimately in charge for my own physical condition.

Peter T.
March 2013

Thank you for fixing my shoulder and giving me back my normal range of motion. Thanks to you I was able to keep all my appointments and not be in pain.

Michelle S.
February 2013

I have been getting massages for years. Ingrid is honestly the best massage therapist I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. Thank you!

Alex P.
January 2013

2012 Testimonials

Happy Holidays. Thank you so much!! Best Massage I have had in 12 years!!

December 2012

You are always amazing, thank you! My neck & back thank you tremendously!!!

November 2012


October 2012

Ingrid listened and combined hot stone and deep tissue. Seriously one of the best massages, if not the best ever. Thank you.

Beverly K.
September 2012

Thanks to your skillful ways and insights I have gradually become a marathon runner, running pain and injury free. And thank you for your encouragement and genuine care. I am your biggest fan!

Paul S.
August 2012

I always regret it when I let too much time pass by between your massages. Stress at work feels more intense, life becomes less enjoyable and my body movements with increased reluctance. When I have to groan early in the morning I just know I need to see you asap.

Caroline S.
July 2012

Thank you as always! You are a gem!!

June 2012

Thank you so much, it was amazing!

May 2012

The best deep massage I've had! Outstanding!

Mark G.
April 2012

You are the Oasis! On my calendar!

Nina J.
March 2012

Thank you for always pampering my sore tense self.

March 2012

I love the way you make my muscles melt and my mind go mush. But best of all, I can take this “oh, life is great” feeling with me, and hold on to it for a while.

Michael N.
February 2012

My wife sends me here. She says it makes for a better marriage. I fully agree. Your massages make me a better person. I feel like a million-bucks when I leave here. Thank you.

Deepak V.
January 2012

Ingrid was excellent as usual and very knowledgeable; great flow.

Marie T.
January 2012

2011 Testimonials

I said my hip has always been that way and it is OK. You said you are too young to give up on your hip. And you were right! My hip is “my” hip again and I enjoy cycling again.

Jonathan W.
December 2011

i love what you do to my head. It feels like my brain is replaced with cotton, my thoughts just drift lightly into nothing and blissful warmth travels true my body, signaling lightness and peace; I feel light, yet I feel like I can’t move even a finger. And I wouldn’t want to move a finger or anything else …. Ever.

Catherine S.
November 2011

The massage was truly magical. Thank you, it was just what I needed.

October 2011

Thank you for having me come in before my chemo therapy. Although I have to endure poison cruising through my body, something I can’t avoid now, but I can reduce the unpleasantness … your relaxing and cleaning chemotherapy massage does just that. It makes me feel that I am not completely at the mercy of my cancer.

Sandy T.
September 2011

Thank you! I trained for my first marathon and I survived my first marathon. You are very knowledgably and thanks to your continuous reminders I trained right, ate right and stayed hydrated.

Brian W.
August 2011

Ingrid is a wonderful massage therapist. I began working with her after a friend—also a runner—recommended her to me. I went to see her for help with soreness I was having from my running, but she has helped me with much more.

Ingrid's massage is excellent and effective. She has helped me with running injuries like plantar fasciitis, eased soreness in my legs, and loosened tight shoulders from long hours in front of a computer. She has helped me stretch out my hamstrings, a constant struggle for me. She has helped alleviate stress from work. I'm always impressed that she has so many techniques to get at a problem, and I always leave feeling much, much better.

Moreover, it is clear that Ingrid cares for her clients off of the table, too. She is friendly and personable, and she makes you comfortable from the very first time you meet. She accommodates busy schedules, shares ideas for taking care between massages, and always has a way of brightening your day.

In short, Ingrid is genuinely concerned about helping her busy Silicon Valley clients feel better, and I can't recommend Ingrid highly enough. Go see her—you will be in very good hands.

John B
June 2011

Ingrid is the most-effective massage therapist I have ever used. Since meeting Ingrid, I have never been to another massage therapist. Ingrid gives an excellent full-body massage. Ingrid also gives excellent sport-specific treatment. Ingrid was an integral part of the training program for my first marathon. Because of Ingrid's care, it was not my only marathon. Ingrid also goes above and beyond. Every time I have been at a major race, Ingrid has called or emailed with reminders and encouragements. I love Ingrid. My wife loves Ingrid. My friends love Ingrid. You will love Ingrid.

Terry A
April 2011

I went to see Ingrid when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I was very sore and had lower back and round ligament pain, especially when walking. I had read excellent reviews on Yelp and was excited to try her out. I definitely was not disappointed!

Ingrid spent time with me in the beginning discussing my overall health, and she was very genuine, sincere and easy to talk to. The massage itself was excellent, and her pressure was just right. I could have stayed there forever! After the massage I felt so relaxed, and the pain was considerably less! Walking was much easier, and I felt like a new woman!

I highly recommend visiting Ingrid at Massage Rescue if you want an excellent massage!

March 2011

I have been receiving massages from Ingrid for several years now and I highly recommend her. She has such extensive knowledge, is very skilled in different therapies, working with you to find the combination of techniques that works best for you. She genuinely cares for her clients on a personal level and always has suggestions for self care between massages. I always leave her office feeling so relaxed and refreshed!

She is also flexible in scheduling, available and willing to accommodate your needs. Her office is very comfortable and conveniently located.

You are in good hands with Ingrid, she has done wonders for me!

Heidi, San Jose
March 2011

I have been a customer of Massage Rescue for years, and Ingrid is sincerely the best masseuse in the business. She is a true professional. What makes Ingrid so special is her attention to detail, personalize service, and her ability to find the trouble spots instinctively and just make them disappear. After each session, I feel energized and ready to take on my stressful life.

March 2011

2010 Testimonials

Ingrid truly is a miracle worker! Her sessions are relaxing, restorative, & ultimately help to keep my body in working order. As an avid runner, I rely on Ingrid to help make me whole. I highly recommend!

Catherine J.W.,
November 2010

From the moment I make my appointment with Ingrid for a 60 or 75-minute massage, I begin to look forward to being greeted by Ingrid and then stepping into the oasis of the inviting, candlelit massage room. Ingrid begins by asking what areas are in need of special attention that day, and then the magic of her hands and warm stones begins. By the end of the session, I’ve been transformed, and I seemingly float from the oasis, rejuvenated and at peace to face the real world.

Mary PB,
September 2010

What a wonderful experience! Thank you for creating such a soothing, safe space in which to relax and enjoy a most excellent massage. You bring a level of relaxation and comfort to my muscles that I haven't felt in... I don't know how long. You always seem to know just exactly what I need, from quieting my mind to easing the tension and discomfort in my body. Thank you!!

Ginny H.,
July 2010

Ingrid Mult's therapy massage is a mini vacation. In a short hour I have the break and the relief I need from chronic back pain. Her office is conveniently located, comfortable and welcoming. I've been her client for several years and plan to continue.

C. Lee McKenzie,
June 2010

I have been going to Ingrid for over 3 years; regularly, every 2 weeks. She massages all my tension and stiffness away – especially in my neck and shoulder area. As for my chronic lower back pain, I no longer need adjustments from the chiropractor. I am an active senior and want to stay active, enjoy my line dancing, hiking and travels.

Mary Jane O.,
January 2010

2008 Testimonials

You have always been encouraging, insightful, kind and loving, but most of all, persistent in your endeavor to get me healthy. I was in very bad shape physically when I came to you (is it really 3 years) and you took such good care of me. I can sit at my desk/computer now and not worry about having such pain that I can't move.

I never really believed in massage therapy before, but am a believer now and recommend it (you) to all my friends and people I run into who complain about aches and pains. You have been an answer to prayer for me. I truly am thankful for all you have done and each size I have gone through I thank God for Him and you taking care of me.

Billie McNeill,
November 2008

Ingrid is not only skilled in the art of massage but has in-depth knowledge and techniques which can only be achieved through years of study and practical application. I highly recommend Ingrid's healing touch. Trust me, you will walk away from your therapy feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Christine Carrig,
Novembers 2008

I have been a client for more than three years. Ingrid tailors each massage to whatever is ailing me. I always leave re-energized and relaxed at the same time. Her "touch" is like no other's!

August 2008

Ingrid has that special touch that enables her to provide a very special massage. She is certified (CMT) and Ingrid has provided relaxation massage as well as solving a significant pain problem I had encountered. In addition to her outstanding massage skills and knowledge of the body, she is a charming person and a sensitive provider.

You cannot go wrong with Ingrid.

Pat of LG,
June 2008

2007 Testimonials

She gave the best massage in the Silicon Valley. Highly recommend!

December 2007

Ingrid is kind, caring, and has a gift for massage. Not only will you leave her office floating on air, you'll also leave feeling better overall. Her unique technique includes gentle stretching, deep massage, and therapeutic strokes to relieve the toughest muscle aches.

In short, there's no way you can go wrong with Ingrid. But you should see for yourself.

If my patients are in need of a deep, relaxing massage, I'll send them to Ingrid.

Ted Ray, L.Ac., Peninsula Acupunture
December 2007